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  Beaver Creek Christian Church : A nondenominational fellowship of believers in Ashe County, West Jefferson, NC

About Us : Beaver Creek Christian Church

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Benevolence Assistance Request

Helping those in need

The Benevolence Team would like to let all members know that assistance is available for those who are in need. We believe that no one should go hungry or without lights and heat. There are several organizations in Ashe County that can assist anyone who is in need. However, members of Beaver Creek Christian Church are also encouraged to let your need be know to our Benevolence Team and we will assist where we are able.

For those who are members contact Garland Lyall or Loren Lung or any other member of the team.

For those who are not members of Beaver Creek Christian Church you are encouraged to right click on the form and print it off, fill it out and return it to the church for consideration of assistance available.

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