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Nehemiah 1 (But we suggest you read the whole book).

VISION QUEST: 05 - Visionary Leadership

Text: Nehemiah 1:1-11; Various

Big Idea: The book of Nehemiah give us seven keys to visionary leadership. The church needs leaders with vision.

Date: 05-30-2021 Beaver Creek Christian Church

VISIONARY LEADERSHIP GETS THINGS DONE! Vision gives hope to the people. Nehemiah was given a sorry report of the condition of the Jews who came back from exile (Ne 1:1-11). It broke his heart. But it also gave him a vision which brought hope and encouragement to his people. Today I want to share 7 keys to visionary leadership.

DON'T FORGET TO DOWNLOAD THE BULLETIN AND WORSHIP LYRIC SHEET SO YOU CAN KNOW THE WORDS TO THE SONGS. Download your copy by pushing the file icon at the top of this article.