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Join Us For Fun, Fellowship, Food, and Bible Study!

ANNOUNCEMENTS - Updated 08-07-2022


CHRISTIAN EDUCATION MINISTRY TEAM MEETING - Next week. August 14, 2022 at 6pm. Inviting all who are interested in helping share the Apostle’s Doctrine in classes.


Muchas Gracias! We are so thankful for the reception we received at Beaver Creek and for the wonderful cards of appreciation and encouragement. The gift cards and monetary gifts were an added blessing. Thank you so much. Please share our appreciation with the congregation. Now may the Lord bless you and keep you. In Christ, Steve & Kay Carpenter, CMF-México


WORKDAY -Come and help us clean-up the fellowship hall and kitchen on Saturday, August 20, 2022, 9am - noon. We need all the help we can get as we prepare for homecoming. We will be mopping the floors of the kitchen and fellowship hall as well as cleaning cabinets and prepping for homecoming together. If we get enough help we may do some other projects as well.


HOMECOMING - Don’t forget to mark your calendar for Homecoming this month, August 28th. We will be having a celebration with dinner on the grounds. Invite your family, friends, and everyone you meet! Sunday School 10am; Worship Service 11am; Dinner on the Grounds 12pm.


REVIVAL - September 11-14, 2022 at 7pm - featuring Rusty Swafford. Rusty will be giving us some “fireside chats” to encourage us in our faith and ministry. Tommy and Lori Parsons will be fixing a hearty breakfast for us on September 11 at 8:30am.


COMING SOON: BEAVER CREEK EXPRESS - All aboard for the new and improved Sunday Children’s Sunday School Hour. We will start at 10am with songs, scripture, and activities before the children go to their class. Proverbs 22:6 says “Train up a child in the way he should go….” So we’re hoping on the Express to help the children learn the WAY (Jn 14:6). MORE INFO to come soon!


H.O.W.L. - Hanging Out With the Lungs - 6PM. Will be taking place each Wednesday Night during the summer. Bring some picnic food to share. We’ll be playing games, eating food, and reading a Bible Story and sharing what it means to us. Bring some lawn chairs and hang out with us!


STEPPING UP - We will be walking at the church on Wednesday NIghts after HOWL at 7:30pm. STEPPING UP is to encourage eating better and moving more for weight loss and better health. We will encourage each other with spiritual and Biblical motivation.



1st Sunday - Dale and Jean Evans

2nd Sunday - Darrell and Sandy Compton

3rd Sunday - Norman Greer / Trula Worley

4th Sunday - Ken and Ann Becker

5th Sunday - Norman Greer / Trula Worley


COMMUNITY PRAYER NIGHT - Every 5th Wednesday at 6:30pm

June 29 - Appalachian Church

August 31 - Bald Mountain Baptist Church

November 30 - Beaver Creek Christian Church

December 28 - End of the Year Prayer at Appalachian Church


SOUP FUND SUNDAY COLLECTION - SOUP FUND is collected every 4th Sunday during the Sunday School hour. We are collecting for Souper Bowl Sunday when we give our donation to Ashe Really Cares (ARC) to buy soup for those in need. We will post a running total on the missions board in the foyer. Everyone is invited to participate. Let's help give an M-M-M, M-M-M good offering!


SINGSPIRATION - van leaves at 3:45pm for NEWLAND CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Refreshments at 5pm. Program at 6pm.


August 28: Foscoe Christian Church

September 25: Elk Park Christian Church

October 30: Minneapolis Christian Church

Refreshments are served at 5 PM – Singing starts at 6 PM.


BCCC MEMBERSHIP - We are currently working to update our active membership list. We will be making calls to verify our records. All members must be immersed believers who have made an open profession of faith.


MINISTRY TEAMS - Ministry Team Leaders Meeting (07-10-22)- 6pm, Tonight. This meeting is for all people who are interested in knowing about and participating in our ministry teams. We are looking for people for Benevolence, Building and Grounds, Education, Evangelism and Outreach, Fellowship, Prayer, Missions, Safety, Visitation, and Worship. This is your chance to get involved in at church.


VISITATION TEAMS - Many of the nursing homes are opening up again. Visitors may go in as long as they are wearing mask. We are interested in starting the visitation program up again soon but we need volunteers who are willing. If you are ready to get back to visitation please see Sandy Compton or Loren Lung as soon as possible so we can start making plans.


JOIN US FOR SUNDAY SCHOOL: Join us each Sunday School at 10am for our Sunday School lessons with our four teachers: Ric Kolseth, David Grubb, Tommy Parson, and Mike Grubb. We also have an alternative adult class in room 201 with teacher, Kevin Nichols. We also have Sunday School for children as well as adults. Sunday School opening starts at 10:00am in the sanctuary.


CONNECTION MINISTRY: We are asking all members to pray, keep in contact with each other by phone, email, text messages, or mail. Please take the opportunity to encourage and lift each other up. Please let Loren know if there are any needs of our people so that we can try to help.


TITHES AND OFFERINGS: Your support is always appreciated. We have placed the offering plates at the back of the auditorium and have a mailbox slot on the green box on the porch for your giving convenience. If you are not able to contribute you on Sunday, you are encouraged to send your tithes and offerings to Pat Grubb at 789 Northridge Dr., Boone, NC 28607. If you have any questions about giving please contact Mike or Pat Grubb by email: pmgnmwg@bellsouth.net or by phone at (828) 264-5286.


PHONE TREE: The policy for the phone tree is to activate it for prayer request only upon permission or request of the family and to provide updates as the family provides them. We cannot pass on to you information we do not have or that we have not received permission to share. The administration of the phone tree is through Loren Lung, Ric Kolseth, or Amanda Thompson.


COMMUNION TO THE SHUT-INS: If you would like communion brought to your house please let us know and one of our men when come and serve communion to you along with prayer and a scripture reading.

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Bible Reading Plans

WE NEED TO STAND FIRM IN GOD'S WORD! God's word is complete and can give us strength, encouragement, and guidance. There is no better way to read the word than to begin a reading program to read through the Bible. We have several Bible Reading Plans that you can download on the file download icon above.

We would like to encourage those who has a smart phone or tablet to download YOUVERSION in the app store on your devise. You can also go to https://www.bible.com on your computer and sign-up to start a reading plan. There are many great reading plans and devotions to select and the best part is it is FREE!


Reading Through The Bible In A Year:

Week 33 - Digging Deeper Daily: By Daily Bible Reading Podcast

Sunday (08-07-2021): Devo, Je 34-35, Pr 4:1-14, 1 Co 12

Monday (08-08-2021): Devo, Je 36-37, Pr 4:14-27, 1 Co 12:27-31, 1 Co 13

Tuesday (08-09-2021): Devo, Je 38-39, Pr 5, 1 Co 14

Wednesday (08-10-2021): Devo, Je 40-41, Pr 6, 1 Co 15:1-34

Thursday (08-11-2021): Devo, Je 42-43, Pr 7, 1 Co 15:20-58

Friday (08-12-2021): Devo, Je 44-45, Pr 8:1-21, 1 Co 16

Saturday (08-13-2022): Devo, Je 46-47, Pr 8:17-36, 1 Jn 1

Memory Verse(s): Philippians 2:3


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