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Johnson University
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Christian College

Johnson is a nondenominational university associated with the independent Christian churches/churches of Christ whose heritage is rooted in the Restoration Movement (also known as the Stone-Campbell Movement). While the majority of students come from these churches, followers of Christ from many denominations are represented.

Johnson University
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Kentucky Christian University
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Kentucky Christian University is a private university with a Board of Trustees from a fellowship of independent congregations known as Churches of Christ and Christian Churches. Because these independent congregations claim no creed or statement of faith except for the Scriptures, and because no denominational headquarters establishes a doctrinal position for the Kentucky Christian University, the Board of Trustees has resolved that the Kentucky Christian University will abide by only a belief and a general statement based on those teachings of Scripture which are clearly taught and universally embraced by these independent congregations.

Kentucky Christian University
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Mid-Atlantic Christian University
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(formerly Roanoke Bible College)

Mid-Atlantic Christian University is a private university from congregations and individuals of the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. The educational program of the University is in harmony with the faith and practice of these churches. While a significant number of students also come from this fellowship, the student body includes people from a variety of churches.

Roanoke Bible College was conceived during early 1948. The Board of Trustees decided to change the name to Mid-Atlantic Christian University in March of 2009. In Fall of 2010, the university reorganized its academic structure into two schools: School of Undergraduate Studies and the School of Professional Studies.

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