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Johnson University
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Christian College

Johnson is a nondenominational university associated with the independent Christian churches/churches of Christ whose heritage is rooted in the Restoration Movement (also known as the Stone-Campbell Movement). While the majority of students come from these churches, followers of Christ from many denominations are represented.

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Kentucky Christian University
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Kentucky Christian University is a private university with a Board of Trustees from a fellowship of independent congregations known as Churches of Christ and Christian Churches. Because these independent congregations claim no creed or statement of faith except for the Scriptures, and because no denominational headquarters establishes a doctrinal position for the Kentucky Christian University, the Board of Trustees has resolved that the Kentucky Christian University will abide by only a belief and a general statement based on those teachings of Scripture which are clearly taught and universally embraced by these independent congregations.

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Mid-Atlantic Christian University
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(formerly Roanoke Bible College)

Mid-Atlantic Christian University is a private university from congregations and individuals of the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. The educational program of the University is in harmony with the faith and practice of these churches. While a significant number of students also come from this fellowship, the student body includes people from a variety of churches.

Roanoke Bible College was conceived during early 1948. The Board of Trustees decided to change the name to Mid-Atlantic Christian University in March of 2009. In Fall of 2010, the university reorganized its academic structure into two schools: School of Undergraduate Studies and the School of Professional Studies.

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Christian Missions Fellowship (CMF)
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Steve and Kay Carpenter - Mexico City, Mexico

Our ministry in Mexico City began in April of 1995. Since then we have been involved in two church planting projects, the North Side Christian Church and the Eagles Christian Church.

Kay is involved in the children’s ministry at the Eagles’ church, teaches English one day a week for the community center and takes care of our missionary team as the Team Leader (among other things). Steve participates on the worship team accompanying on the electric guitar, helps occasionally with the preaching, and in numerous other ways. As members of the congregation’s leadership team we meet with and encourage the church council, which is a committee made up of approximately ten adults and youth.

CMF International

(317) 578-2700

5525 E. 82nd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46250

Steve and Kay Carpenter



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Ashe Really Cares
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Outreach / Ministry

Ashe Really Cares (ARC) is a faith-based agency that provides many types of support to people in need in Ashe County. ARC provides help to those who are out of work or financially challenged with food and clothing while they pursued the education they needed to get back in the work force. ARC helps about 500 people each month.

Some of the ministries that ARC provides are food and clothing pantry, kerosene and electric heaters, and building handicapped ramps. ARC and the Ashe Baptist Association are lead agencies in Ashe County’s annual Christmas Project which provides toys, clothing and other items to children whose families are at the poverty level.

ARC counts about 100 churches of all faiths that help as contributors.

Ashe Really Cares (ARC)

204 Beaver Creek School Rd,

West Jefferson, NC 28694

(336) 846-5234


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Campus Christian Fellowship at ASU
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Campus Ministry

Campus Christian Fellowship seeks to be a Christian community on campus, demonstrating God's love and seeking to grow and mature as followers of Jesus. We do this through large group gatherings, small groups, retreats, community service, and offering leadership opportunities to students.

We're on a journey. . .together as Jesus-followers seeking to live for him. We want students we meet to know Jesus and to grow deeper in their relationship with him. We take seriously the word of God and consider it the guide for our lives. We view the essence of Christianity as Jesus, not religious activity. We are affiliated with the association of collegiate ministries (acm)

703 W. King St

Boone, NC 28607

(on the same side of the street as the fire station)

Contact information:

Phone: 828-264-7967



Facebook--Campus Christian Fellowship group on the App. State network

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Ashe Pregnancy Care Center
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Outreach / Ministry

APCC promotes the sanctity and preservation of the life of the unborn by sharing the love and gospel of Jesus Christ and by promoting a biblical lifestyle.

Ashe Pregnancy Care Center is a non-profit organization helping those faced with a crisis pregnancy. We offer counseling services, free pregnancy tests, Clothing, equipment and furnishings for mother and baby, resources for medical care, legal assistance and other community services.

Ashe Pregnancy Care Center

Located at 346 South Main St. Jefferson, NC

Mailing address is PO Box 1572 Jefferson, NC 28640


(336) 846-4100



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Biblical Studies Foundation
Bible 101
The Small Group Network
Home Study Institute

Study Helps

Bible Gateway
Study Tools
The Unbound Bible
World Wide Study Bible


Appalachian Christian Camp
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Christian Camp

Summer is on the way and one of the great things our area has to offer that you may not even know about is Camp ACC - the summer camp ministry of Appalachian Christian Camp. Appalachian Christian Camp has been located in Limestone Cove in Unicoi for over 40 years and has been ministering to the youth of our area since 1930.

Camp ACC is a non-denominational Christian Summer Camp for youth entering Kindergarten through 12th grade. The camp program begins the first of June and continues through the summer, in early August . Camp ACC teaches Christian principles and values in a fun and exciting way that challenges today's youth. While Camp ACC is a church camp, you do not have to be a member of a church to attend.

All programs and activities take place on the Camp ACC campus which includes a ball field, sand volleyball court, swimming pool, gymnasium with an indoor rock climbing wall, open-air worship center, air-conditioned dormitories and walking trails all surrounded by the beauty of Unicoi County.

Appalachian Christian Camp, Inc.

512 Cross Circle - Unicoi, TN - 37692


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