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Memory Verse Challenge

Psalm 119:11, 54; Various

Memory Verse Challenge

Ps 119:11, 54; Various

Good evening and welcome to BCCC and our nightly devotional study.

Today we are going to talk about different ways to memorize the scripture as a part of our Memory Verse Challenge. We are asking everyone to memorize 4 new memory verses from the Bible in the month of June. I know there are many of you folks out there that are like me and have trouble putting it to memory. Or you maybe able to memorize a verse but then you forget it shortly. Well, tonight I am going to give you some great ways to learn memory verses.

1. Repetition - Just repeating it over and over again. Remember that just because you can say the verse now doesn’t mean you can say it again in an hour or in a few days. The older you get the hard it is to stick. It takes at least 21 - 27 days of continued saying it for it to begin to really stick.

2. Music / Rhythm - One of the pest ways to learn a verse is to set it to music or a rhythm.

3. Disappearing Words - Use a chalkboard or whiteboard and write out the verse. Then challenge yourself by removing a word or two and say it again and again until all the words are gone and you can say it.

4. Listen - Use a voice recorder and say the verse into the recorder. Play back the recording and say the verse with the recording. Repeat this until you can say it by yourself.

5. Word Bank - Write out the memory verse and leave some words blank. Put the word bank under the words so you can match them.

6. Phrases - Write the verse out by phrases. Cut them out and shuffle them. Put the phrases in the right order.

7. Type it out- Use a typewriter, computer, pad, or smartphone to write out the verse at least 10 times each day.

8. Disorder blocks - write out the verse on paper and stick it to blocks, dominos, Jenga, or toy cars. Use thee toys and put the words in the correct order. You might even invent a game to play with the toys. A friend of mine stacks the dominos in the right order and then knocks them down when they get it right. Another friend of my did this with stacking cups.

9. Puzzle - Print or write out your verse and cut it into puzzle pieces. Have fun putting it together. Say the verse to yourself as you put it together. Say it out loud when you get your puzzle together.

10. Hot Seat - This is a little game we played in youth group. You need at least two other people who are willing to play and learn. Take turns reading just one word of the verse until everyone in the group has had the opportunity to say it at least 2 times. Then do it from memory. If a person doesn’t know the next word they are out.

11. Exploding Chaos - cut the memory verse into individual words and put the words in a balloon. Blow the balloon up. Then pop the balloon and race to put the verse together in order.

12. Post It -Use POST-IT notes printing the words to the verse on a fresh sheet. Each sheet should only have one word. Place the words on the wall or a window and put them in order. The great thing about POST-IT notes is you can use them over and over again for several days. You can also put the whole verse on POST-IT notes and leave them all over your house. A friend of mine even puts these POST-ITs in the refrigerator….”I’m always looking in there for something to eat, so I might as well memorize a verse or two.”

13. Verses from a hat - put the words of the verse in a hat and draw them out and put the verse together.

14. Drawing - Draw a picture that reminds you of the verse. Memorize the verse as you look at the picture. Later on it will help to recite this verse by looking at the picture or recalling the picture to mind.

PRAYER THOUGHT: Dear Lord, Thank you for your word. It is a precious gift that keeps us singing joyously no matter what else is going on in this chaotic world. Help us to memorize your word… to hid it in our hearts. Help us to share it with those who are in need of the light of your word and the salvation that you have for us in Jesus Christ. In Jesus name we pray, Amen!

Good night and God bless you.

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