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What Can I Do? Be A Servant!

Acts 6:1-7

A problem developed quickly in the early church. The church was growing fast and so where the needs of the congregation. The Apostles had been tasked by Jesus to be his witnesses. So the Apostles could either try to do it all themselves and not do anything well, they could neglect some of their work in order to do more, or they could could just ignore the situation.

The situation was new and unique. Change happens in the world. And change comes to the door of every church. The problem with change and it's challenges is that we can either face it and rise above it or we ignore it and let dissension and dissatisfaction tear the church apart.

What the Apostles did was to have the congregation choose 7 men with good reputation, filled with the Spirit, and who were wise to take care of the needs of the congregation. These men were not given a office, a position, or an elected post. They were given a ministry. These men were deacons or "servants." They took care of the needs of the congregation so the Apostles could continue their commissioned work without being impeded by other task.

BCCC faces a change. The problem is only temporary but it's effects could be long-reaching for some of our people. We want to encourage our people to follow the recommendations of the CDC and the government officials during this time of concern about the Coronavirus outbreak. Although two-weeks of isolation seem rather minor we need to be prepared to deal with the long-term effects and helping our congregation.

In calling around and talking to some of our members so far we have been blessed. Most people have enough food and supplies. However, this could change if conditions remain the same for extended periods of time.

Some of our members have been furloughed from their jobs because of the outbreak and are unsure of their next paycheck. Some business are closing down completely now and can't afford to pay their workers. There is a lot of uncertainty.

As Christians, we need to keep our head and remember that God is in control... not nature, not man, and not the government. We need to trust the Lord and be smart. A verse in my reading yesterday says, "I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken for He is right beside me" (Ps 16:8 NLT).

I would like for us to be prepared to act for those who have needs. Some of our elderly, in the near future, may need medication, groceries, or other supplies. Because of the risk they are not able to get out to go get them for themselves.

We need people, especially the younger among us, who are willing to volunteer to help do things such as go pick up groceries or medicine for our elderly members and/or community members in order to prevent the spread of the infection.

We may also need members to be prepared to counsel people over the phone that are hurting, lonely, or in need. If you are willing to help please call Loren at (336)846-3795.

PRAYER THOUGHT: Dear God Almighty; We know that you and you alone are in control. So we put our trust in you. We will not be afraid. We will not be moved to despair. Father, We ask for you to bless your children. We ask for your provision, protection, and providence. We ask that you guide us through these rough waters into your calm sea. Help us to help each other and to encourage those in need. Help us to be united in doing what needs to be done for your kingdom. In Jesus' name we pray. AMEN!

-Loren Lung

Mar 20, 20/ Preacher/ Ministers Minute/
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