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31 Christian Ways To Reduce Stress

23. Laugh And Then Laugh some more! - Proverbs 17:22

31 Christian Ways To Reduce Stress

23. Laugh And Then Laugh some more! - Proverbs 17:22

Proverbs 17:22 -A joyful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.

I recently ordered a new blade for my Universal Meat Chopper Model 323. I had it sitting on my desk so as soon as the blade came in I could make sure it fits as the grinder is rather old. The blade fit and I was very happy. I was thinking of the things that I would chop up so I left it on my desk instead of putting it away.

A day or two later, while I was typing out the next day's blog entitled "31 Christian Ways to Reduce Stress,” I notice the grinder had something stuck inside it. When I opened it up it was obvious that someone had used it and left it a mess. Upon inspection and interrogation I found that someone had tested the chopper with bubble gum! It was all over the new blade (knife), the plate, screw, and inside the body and throat. Uck!

We (the guilty party and I) spent the next half hour cleaning out the tiny holes and nooks and crannies that normally would clean quickly with soap and water. We had to use peanut butter, small brushes, oral picks and floss to remove all the gum. It worked.

I believe that God is testing my resolve in reducing stress. It's like when you pray for patience and God piles more on you. He isn't going to zap you with patience but he is going to help you build patience. He also is not going to tap you with a wand to remove all your stress. You have to learn to trust him.

One of the ways that we can remove stress is to laugh. That is why I am telling you this story. I could be mad... and I have to admit I was at first. But now it seems funny so I am passing my experience on so that you can smile too.

Laughter is a good medicine. Sarah named her son Laughter (Issac) because of the joy he brought to her in her old age. In Psalm 37, God laughs at the wicked because he knows there day of judgment is coming. Jesus is recorded as using humor to address some pretty serious issues in over 37 different places. I can imagine he and the disciples often had a good laugh even in the face of opposition.

It is my prayer that God blesses you today with a merry heart. May your laughter keep you from getting stressed out. Have a great day!

PRAYER THOUGHT: Dear Father, You laugh at the foolishness of godless rulers and wicked men. You delight in your children and sing over them. You used humor in sharing your holy word with us. Help me to lighten up and laugh more. Thank you for Jesus. It is in his name that I come to you in prayer, AMEN!

-Loren Lung

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