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28 Helpful Hints For Bible Reading

27. Get Puzzled? - Psalm 119:169

27. Get Puzzled? - Psalm 119:169

Psalm 119:169 - May my cry come before you, Lord; give me understanding according to your word.

Most people read the Bible and hope not to be puzzled. They long for understanding so they can apply the words of life to their lives. But I’m not talking about be perplexed by the word. I’m talking about challenging your learning and understanding with a Bible puzzle.

Sometimes it is fun to challenge yourself with a good old fashioned Bible crossword puzzle. I like to do word searches and quizzes. It gets you out of your routine and challenges your mind.

The great thing about the internet and smartphones is that you can find many websites where you can get Bible games, Bible puzzle apps, or print off crossword puzzles and word searches. You can usually find some that go along with your Bible reading too.

Bible puzzles can be a great way to check what your learning and have a little fun too. May God bless you today as you get puzzled!

PRAYER THOUGHT: Dear Lord, I know you like to have fun. You have a sense of humor. I know this because you created us in your image and because there are some funny sayings in your word. So today, help me to lighten up and enjoy the work of your hands. Help me to enjoy myself as I study your word. Thank you for Jesus in whose name I pray. AMEN!

-Loren Lung

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