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28 Helpful Hints for Bible Reading

23. Key Card Thoughts - Psalm 119:43

23. Key Card Thoughts - Psalm 119:43

Psalm 119:43 - Never take your word of truth from my mouth,

for I have put my hope in your laws.

I am always going into a room for something and then staring at the walls trying to remember why I came in the room. Some might say this is because I am getting older but I used to do this even when I was young. I believe I do that because I have so much running in my mind that by the time I get to where I am going I have forgotten why I am there.

I find this happens with my Bible reading too. There are times when I read a passage and think, "Wow, that was good. I'll remember that always." And then I walk away and forget what I have read. I will forget to apply it. I will forget to talk about it with others. I will forget it until I return tomorrow and find the same truth again.

Sometimes it helps to remember things just by writing them down. That's one of the many reasons that I blog each day. But I also like to write my notes in a journal or on my computer. But one of the most effective ways for me is to write a key thought on a note card.

I sometimes write them and tape them on the mirror in the bathroom or but them on my pillow in the bedroom. Sometimes I but them in my car on the dash or steering wheel. And sometimes they end up in the endless clutter on my desk.

But that's okay. The other day I was having a particularly hard day. I was feeling sorry for myself when I ran across one of my lost cards. It reminded me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and that God loves me. That was all I needed to put a little bounce into my step.

May God bless you today as you discover the key thoughts that he has for you in the Word of the Lord. May the word of truth never be taken from your mouth.

Prayer Thought: Dear Lord, Your word contains the hope and encouragement I need each day. Your wisdom helps me to live as you would have me to live. Your love strengths me and helps me to love others. Constantly remind me of that love. In the name of Jesus I pray, AMEN!

-Loren Lung

Feb 23, 17/ Preacher/ Ministers Minute/
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