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28 Helpful Hints For Bible Reading

12. Make A Bible Timeline - Psalm 119:18

12. Make a Bible Timeline -Psalm 119:18

Psalm 119:18 -Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.

It might surprise some people who are attempting to read the Bible that it is not in chronological order. It does not read like a novel. It is more like a library or collection of books written by many different people to various audiences in specific times. To read the Bible for the first time from cover-to-cover can be confusing.

That is one reason that I try to get people to read the introduction. That way they have an idea of who wrote it, to whom it is written, when it was written, and why it was written. That gives deeper meaning and understanding to the word.

One of the tools I use when I am reading the book is a Bible timeline. It helps me see how God's word has consistently played down through the ages. You can find many Bible timelines already written and available on-line or at a Bible bookstore.

Over the years I have written several of my own. I have not only included the Biblical events but also historical events that coincide with the writing of the book. I keep one on my computer now but when I first started I used a spiral bound notebook.

This Christmas as I was working with the children in the youth group there were many questions about the timing of the writing of the Bible. So the next time we met I showed them my Bible timeline as well as one that I had bought at the bookstore. We spent most of that session just looking at the timeline. Many of the kids were amazed that Jesus was not actually born at 0AD!

May God bless you today as you explore and discover the truth that he has for you on each page. I hope you will enjoy making or exploring a Bible timeline.

PRAYER THOUGHT: Dear Eternal God. You are the Alpha and Omega, you created time in the very beginning of man. I praise you for never changing and always being the rock on which I can stand. Thank you for your timeless word. Help me to understand what you have for me in the Bible. In Jesus' name, AMEN!

-Loren Lung

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