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A Walk With God

Deuteronomy 5:33; Various



Good evening and welcome to our nightly Bible devotional.

This week we have had a prayer walk at Beaver Creek Christian Church. What a lovely day it was on Thursday to get out and walk and pray and just let the Lord minister to you. I really enjoyed it.

Deuteronomy 5:33 says, “You shall walk in all the way that the Lord your God has commanded you, that you may live, and that it may go well with you, and that you may live long in the land that you shall possess.”

Have you ever wondered why there are so many verse in the Bible that talk about walking with God? It takes my mind back to the Garden of Eden when God walked with man in the Garden in the cool of the evening. It also reminds me of Enoch, a descendant of Seth, who “walked with God”. Enoch’s relationship was so close to God that he did not die… God took him to be with him.

A walk is comfortable and quiet. It’s a good place time to talk and share. It’s personal and yet it’s non-threatening. Not to mention that walking is good for you. Being outdoors and seeing the beauty of creation refreshes us and allows us to see things a bit more clearly. It’s no wonder God invites us to walk with him in our faith so that we grow closer to Him.

Walking also reminds me of that wonderful day after Jesus had risen from the dead. Two disciples were walking down the road to Emmaus talking about the death and reports of the resurrection of Jesus (Lk 24:13-15). Then a man came up to them and starting talking to them about these things too. He assured Cleopas and the other disciple about what the Scriptures said about the Messiah rising from the dead. The disciples invited the man to join him to stay and eat with them. The man came in and took the loaf blessed it, broke it, and gave it to them. Their eyes were opened and they recognized Him. It was Jesus. Can you imagine the joy and excitement it would be to walk with Jesus and have him teach you personally? The two men said, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the road and opened the Scriptures to us?”

Walking with God is so important. Did you know that Henry Ford, the inventor of mass produced automobiles said, “Those who walk with God, always reach their destination.” British Evangelist and author, Leonard Ravenhill said, “Smart men walked on the moon, daring men walked on the ocean floor, but wise men walk with God.” And the American evangelist and publisher, Dwight L Moody once said, “If I walk with the world, I can’t walk with God.”

But in case you’re not convinced about walking with the Lord, let me throw out a few more scriptures to help you understand:

Micah 6:8 - “He has made it clear to you, mortal man, what is good and what the LORD is requiring from you— to act with justice, to treasure the LORD’s gracious love, and to walk humbly in the company of your God.”

Galatians 5:16 -But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.

1 John 2:6 - “The one who says he resides in God ought himself to walk just as Jesus walked.”

Colossians 2 - Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him.

Isaiah 2:5 - …come, let us walk in the light of the Lord.

Psalm 56:13 - For you have delivered my soul from death, yes, my feet from falling, that I may walk before God in the light of life.

Let’s pray together. PRAYER THOUGHT: Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for wanting to be with us and walk with us. We thank you for taking a personal interest in our lives. Help me to stay in step with you Holy Spirit. Give us instruction and insight so that we can live according to your will. In Jesus name, AMEN!

I hope you will join us tomorrow night at 6pm for our Bible devotional. Please remember the Prayer walk around the church which will be up all weekend so you might have a chance to participate in it. If not, you can download it on our website and set one up for your family at home. Good night and God bless you as you walk with Him.

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