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7 Ways to Improve Your Relationship With God

The Bible has compared our relationship with the Lord as a marriage (Hosea; Ep 5:22-33; etc). And just like marriage sometimes we need a little help to us work on our relationship. A healthy relationship is one that is active and growing from day to day. Here are 7 ways to improve your relationship with God.

1. Try to Understand Your Partner- In a marriage we want to try to get in our spouse’s shoes and see things from his/her perspective. With God we do this by abiding in Him and contemplating or meditating on His word. (Js 1:8; Jn 15:4).

2. Communication - If we stop talking and listening to our spouse our marriage will deteriorate. The same holds true in our relationship with God. Of course we are supposed to pray, but are your conversations deep and personal or are you still just talking about the weather? If you want to improve your relationship with God work on your prayer life and be listening to the Holy Spirit as he communicates with you. (Ph 4:6-7; Cl 4:2; 1 Th 5:17).

3. Do something nice for your Partner- In a marriage advice column it said that you should try to go out of your way to do at least one nice thing for your spouse each day. In your relationship with God you can do acts of kindness in your community which are the same as doing it for the Lord (Mt 25:31-46). There is also much work to be done in God’s church too. You could join a ministry team, do some maintenance or cleaning, teach a class, start a study for youth, etc., etc. (Ga 5:13; Ro 12:1,2).

4. Express Gratitude and Praise- Another piece of advise in marriage is to focus and praise your spouse’s positive behavior and attitudes rather than to focus on the negative. Likewise, our relationship with God grows as we praise him and show gratitude for all that he has done. (Ps 100; 107:1; Cl 3:16-17). A gratitude journal helps you focus on the things God is doing.

5. Show Tenderness - Sometimes in a marriage we forget to show tenderness like getting close, holding hands, giving hugs, or a gentle kiss. In our relationship with God we demonstrate our tenderness to him by showing compassion and gentleness to others. How we treat others is a reflection of our love for God. (Cl 3:12; 2 Co 1:3,4; Ph 2:1-3)

6. Challenge Yourself - In a marriage it is good to have goals and objectives to keep you on focus. In your relationship with God it can help to write out goals and objectives. Start with the question, what kind of a person do I want to be? And then, what kind of a person does God want me to be? (1 Pe 1:13-16; 1 Jn 2:6; Ep 5:1-2)

7. Seek help - Most married couples wait til it is almost too late to seek professional help. Don’t seek help as a last resort. An accountability partner can help you keep your relationship with God on track as you help your accountability partner. (Pr 27:17; Ga 6:1,2; Ja 5:16; 19-20).

I am praying that these helpful hints can help you get your relationship with the Lord moving in the right direction. Most of us know the right thing to do but we fail to do them. Let’s pray that we all grow stronger in the Lord together.

PRAYER THOUGHT: Dear Lord, I praise you for all that you are and for the mighty acts of your hands. I am grateful for the life that you have given me and for the abundant and eternal life that comes through your Son, Jesus Christ. I asked that you will help me to walk with you each day, step by step, and that our relationship will grow closer and closer. Help me to be the person that you have called me to be. I pray that you will also help my brothers and sisters in Christ to have a deep relationship with you too. In Jesus' holy name, Amen!

Loren Lung

Feb 2, 19/ Preacher/ Ministers Minute/
Ministers Minute