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The Real Reason For The Season: 31 Names of Jesus

5. Beloved Son of God –Matthew 3:17

5. Beloved Son of God – “And behold, a voice from heaven said, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” Matt. 3:17

Jesus is the Son of God. Not Joseph. Joseph was a righteous man who also trusted God after having a dream that reminded him of the sign... Emmanuel was to be born of a virgin... the prophesy was fulfilled in Mary!

There were those in the Bible who accepted Jesus as being the son of Joseph. But when a voice from heaven says on two separate occasions, "This is my Son," who can argue with that!

Not only is he God's Son. But he is also beloved of God. That's important for us to remember. No one wants to see their kid suffer and die. Jesus did just that with all the sins of the world on his shoulders. You see, the cross cost God! It was the ransom he paid for our salvation. Yes, God did it because he loved us so much he was willing to let his Son die for us.

I praise God for his beloved Son whom he gave for us so that we could have life with him. May God bless you as you experience the beloved son of God this Christmas season.

PRAYER THOUGHT: Dear Heavenly Father Above, I want to thank you for sending your Son, your beloved Son. I appreciate your gift so much. You gave a gift that was a part of you... meaningful. No cheap, Dollar Tree Gift from you. You gave your best for me so that I could have life with you! Help me, Father, to share the gift you gave. And help me to give to others in the same way that you give, from the heart filled with love. May every gift I give to you and others cost me. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

-Loren Lung

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