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We Are Not In This Alone

Ephesians 2:11-22

So often I have found myself trying to do it all by myself because I am self-sufficient and don't need to rely on anyone. Besides, no one does it like I do or as good as I do and so it is better to do it myself.

When you put it down on paper or listen to yourself say it the words are rather egotistical and harsh. But it is really what most of us are thinking when we take to a task.

In His book, Basics, by Francis Chan, he tells us, "This type of individuality is common among Westerners. We’re raised with the mind-set that we create our own identities and shape our own destinies. We’re taught to pull ourselves up by our bootstrap. If you believe it , you can achieve it – even if the whole world tries to stand in our way.”

But this is not the case when we begin to look at what fellowship is all about. Christ has joined us together as one body. He has made us citizen's of God's Kingdom and members of his own household. As Christ pulls us together he builds us into this magnificent building for the purpose of worshiping and serving God together.

There is no ego in church work. Our identity is in Christ. Our purpose is in Christ. Our mission is in Christ.

So here is the real question: How can I learn to put God first and begin to work together for the furtherance of His kingdom? Think about it.

Prayer Thought: Dear God in heaven, Help me to get my own ego out of the way and work together with my brothers and sisters to advance the gospel of Christ and expand your kingdom on earth. Let us work together in unity and love. In Jesus' name, Amen.

Loren Lung

Jan 27, 14/ PREACHER/ Ministers Minute/
Ministers Minute