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Mon, Sep 21.20

  Beaver Creek Christian Church : A nondenominational fellowship of believers in Ashe County, West Jefferson, NC CHILDREN'S MINISTRY: Youth and Children


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LAMB'S TIME ONLINE -09-13-2020

Love Your Neighbor - Luke 10:25-37

Today's Lesson is about a good Samaritan who helped someone in need. We should always love our neighbors. Our neighbor is anyone in need.

Don't forget to download your activity sheet/worship bulletin on the file icon on this post.

Remember Kids, we're praying for you. Please pray for us.

09/12/20/ Preacher/ General/

LAMB'S TIME ONLINE -09-06-2020

God Thwarts The Way of the Wicked

Today we are going to talk about frustrations. Nehemiah dealt with the frustrations of people who stood in the way of building the walls of Jerusalem. Psalm 146:8-10 - The Lord thwarts the way of the wicked.



(Psalm 146:8-10)

4/4 G


The Lord opens up (clap, clap)


The eyes of the blind (points to eyes)


And He raises up (hands up, stand up)


those who are down (hands down, sit down)


The Lord loves the righteous (hands crossed over chest) (clap, clap)


Protects the strangers (hands out to sides like hiding someone behind you)


And supports the fatherless and the widows (muscle pose)

Em A7

But He thwarts (stomp) in the way of the wicked

Em D Dsus D

Yes, He thwarts in the way of the ba-a-ad.


The Lord will reign forever, (clap, clap)


My God in Zion, (point to heaven)


Throughout all generations.


Praise the Lord! (hands up in praise motion)

09/05/20/ Preacher/ General/

LAMB'S TIME ONLINE -08-30-2020

Light of the World

LAMB'S TIME ONLINE - A special lesson about shining the light of Jesus for children of all ages. This week we are talking about light and how Jesus is the light of the world. We should also shine the light of Jesus to others.

Matthew 5:16 - In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.

09/05/20/ Preacher/ General/