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The Four Songs of Christmas Sermon Series

The Four Songs of Christmas

Sermon Series

We all have our favorite Christmas Carol or song that we like to sing or hear. It puts a little kick in our step and helps us get in the mood for Christmas. But there are 4 Songs of Christmas recorded in the New Testament that are seldom mentioned or preached about. This month we will look at the 4 Songs of Christmas and how we can learn to sing them too.

The Four Songs of Christmas

Sermon Topics:

December 3 - The Song of Faith

December 10 - The Song of Joy

December 17 - The Song of Peace

December 24 - The Song of Hope

December 31 - Sing Your Song of Christmas

Sermon Podcast: Beaver Creek Christian Church

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The Shut-In Ministry Teams alternate weeks to visit our people who are shut-in and those who are in the nursing homes in Ashe County. If you are interest in joining one of the teams please contact us. The Visitation Teams are a vital part of our ministries at BCCC.

Dec 3 - Team D

Dec 10 - Team E

Dec 17 - Team G

Dec 24- Team H

Dec 31 -Team I

Jan 7 -Team A

Jan 14 - Team B

Jan 21 -Team C

Jan 28 - Team D

Feb 4 - Team E

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