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This month we will be studying the book of Colossians. The church at Colosse was founded by Epaphras who was a coworker of the Apostle Paul. He also established the church at Laodicea and Hieropolis. But false teachings infiltrated the Colosse church with Greek philosophy, Gnosticism, Jewish traditions and legalism, and practices and worship from other religions. Paul systematically battles these false teachings with his writings from prison in Rome.

The idea of false teachings and doctrines coming into the church may seem distant to us today. But the threat is very real. New ideas and false assumptions assault us everyday. Televangelist and false teachers diminish the concept and consequences of sin and by doing so diminish what Jesus did on the cross for you and I. Cults pray off people who are dissatisfied with the church. We need to stand firm on the gospel of Jesus Christ. We need to teach, train, and disciple with the idea of giving our people the tools to defend the faith. The book of Colossians gives us instructions on doing just that and for living according to the faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.


7- 2-17 - Part 1 - Jesus is Greater (1:15-23)

7- 9-17 - Part 2- The Apostle of Christ (1:25-2:7)

7-16-17 - Part 3 - The Heresy in Colossi (2:11-17)

7-23-17 - Part 4 - The Christian Solution (3:1-17)

7-30-17 - Part 5 - It Starts in the Family (3:18-25)

Sermon Podcast: Beaver Creek Christian Church

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The Shut-In Ministry Teams alternate weeks to visit our people who are shut-in and those who are in the nursing homes in Ashe County. If you are interest in joining one of the teams please contact us. The Visitation Teams are a vital part of our ministries at BCCC.

July 16 -Team B

July 23 -Team C

July 30 - Team D

Aug 6 -Team E

Aug 13 - Team F

Aug 20 - Team G

Aug 27 - Team H

Sept 3 - Team I

Sept 10 - Team J

Sept 17 - Team A

Sept 24 - Team B

Oct 1 - Team C

Oct 8 - Team D

Oct 15 - Team E

Oct 22 - Team F

Oct 29 - Team G

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