COMING EVENTS Join Us For Fun, Fellowship, Food, and Bible Study!


Join Us For Fun, Fellowship, Food, and Bible Study!

SINGSPIRATION SCHEDULE: Singspiration will be held on the following dates. Refreshments are served at 5:00 pm. The program will be at 6:00pm after the refreshments. If you are interested in singing special music, playing an instrument, or reading a poem or dramatic reading please see Loren Lung or David Grubb.

April 30 - Minneapolis Christian Church

May 28 - Foscoe Christian Church

June 25 - First Christian Church, Boone, NC

July 30 - Newland Christian Church

August 27 - Elk Park Christian Church

September 24 - Heaton Christian Church

October 29- Beaver Creek Christian Church

November 26- Lenoir Christian Church

PHONE NUMBER CHANGE: The church cell phone has been permanently disabled. You can now get in touch with the preacher via this cell number 828-989-2395. This will save a lot of hassles and confusion in the future.

ASHE PREGNANCY CENTER: The Pregnancy Center just announced that Roger Newton has stepped down as Executive Director, effective July 1st. Please be praying for the ministry as they begin the search for a new director.

DINNER AND A MOVIE: Our next Dinner and a Movie will be held on March 25 with a covered-dish meal at 5:00 p.m. and the feature movie at 6:00 p.m. Feature to be announced.

BIBLE STUDY: Join with us as we walk through the life of Jesus Christ. Take each step as we examine the people and places that Jesus encountered. Set at the feet of Jesus as he teaches us. Experience his joys and his suffering, his death and glorious resurrection. Sunday Nights at 6:00 p.m. in the sanctuary.

BASICS 201: BASICS 201 is a continuing study on Christian doctrine.Come and join us each Sunday after the Sunday School opening program (10:15 am). Our class meets in the Fellowship Hall downstairs.

READING THROUGH THE BIBLE IN 2017: The check off sheet for the year is on the table in the foyer. We will also be putting the daily reading on the sermon insert in the bulletin.

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Sermon Series

The church is supposed to stand in the absolute truth of God Almighty. But there are many today who either don't know God's truth or who would rather embrace a world view that changes depending on the situation.

This month I will be preaching on shining out the truth. We aren't talking about politics, liberal, conservative, or even tradition. We will be looking at the truth of God with a warning against apostasy and false teachings that threaten to seduce Christians and the church. We will be looking at apostasy and false teachings as Paul warned Timothy in his letters to him.

This year are theme is SHINING LIKE STARS IN A DARK WORLD. Join us as we see how we can shine for Jesus.


3/5/17 SHINING OUT THE TRUTH: Standing in Love, Truth, and Grace

3/12/17 SHINING OUT THE TRUTH: Standing up against Apathy and Self-centered

3/19/17 SHINING OUT THE TRUTH: Standing up against Worldly Pleasure Seekers

3/26/17 SHINING OUT THE TRUTH: Shining up against Tolerance of Sin

Sermon Podcast: Beaver Creek Christian Church

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Sunshine Breakfast Group Tuesday mornings

Sunshine Breakfast Group

Tuesday mornings

Join us for breakfast at various locations around the county. It is a great time of fellowship.

Day: Tuesday

Time: 8:00 a.m.

January 31 - McDonalds

February 7 - Rodies

February 14- Bojangles

February 21- McDonalds

February 28 - When Pigs Fly

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The Shut-In Ministry Teams alternate weeks to visit our people who are shut-in and those who are in the nursing homes in Ashe County. If you are interest in joining one of the teams please contact us. The Visitation Teams are a vital part of our ministries at BCCC.

Jan 22 - Team E

Jan 29 - Team F

Feb 5 - Team G

Feb 12- Team H

Feb 19 - Team I

Feb 26- Team A

Mar 5 - Team B

Mar 12 - Team C

Mar 19 - Team D

Mar 26 - Team E

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The Prayer Room

One of the biggest problems that we often encounter is that people spend more time talking about prayer and prayer request than actually getting on their knees and praying. Jesus called us to a different kind of prayer. He said, "But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you" (Mt 6:6). He called us to be personal and up-close with God.

In the movie, "WAR ROOM", the main character has a closet that she has set aside as her personal area of prayer. This is a wonderful idea to get away from the distractions of life and come before the Lord in a personal time of communication between just him and you.

Unfortunately, most of us may not have the space. Don't worry, Jesus wasn't telling you to build on to you house or tear up some closet full of junk. He just wanted you to have a personal and private time with God.

Jesus often left the noice and distractions of his active ministry to go and be alone with God. Yes, the ministry was important. Yes, the people were important. And Yes, the message was urgent. But Jesus knew that he needed that time alone with God to refresh and recharge and to reconnect to God's purpose and will.

A young boy at camp was homesick. I don't usually let the kids call home because mom and dad worry and often show up wanting to take the child home. But this boy was not connecting with the other children and was not engaging with the program. So we stood in the office as he quickly dialed the number. Mom and Dad where not home. But the young boy listened to the message on the answering machine as tears filled his eyes. Then he hung up the phone, dried his eyes, thanked me and ran from the office. I followed him out thinking this had made it worse but the young boy ran up to some children who were playing ball and quickly joined in. Sometimes you just need to hear the voice from home to reaffirm your peace.The same is true of God. We need to reconnect with him on a daily basis to reaffirm our peace.

I encourage each of you to find a quiet place to call your prayer room.

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